Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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WARSING, DanielWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-1860; d-1912w-Amanda  
WARSING, GraceWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-13 Jan. 1893; d-29 June 1975h-Clyde Warsingp-Abram & Mary Burkett 
WARSING, Edgar L.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-1896; d-1920w-Martha Stunkard Warsing  
WARSING, H. ClydeWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-1893; d-4 July 1933w-E. Grace  
WARSING, Howard WalterWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-11 April 1888; d-14 June 1976w-Zola Barnettp-Daniel & Jane Ford Warsing 
WARSING, Zola D.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-8 April 1893; d-8 Oct. 1986h-Howard W. Warsingp-James & Maria Bergstresser Barnett 
WATKINS, Hilda M.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-6 Sept. 1917; d-3 April 1996; age-78h-Norman C. Watkinsp-Levi & Frances Kirk Stunkard Johnson 
WATKINS, Norman C.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-19 Aug. 1912; d-30 Aug. 2002; age-90w-Hilda Mary Johnson Watkinsp-William and Jennie Parks Watkins 
WHITE, AnnWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANd-11 May 1846; Age-24y6m p-John & Martha Horton White 
WHITE, Catherine HortonWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIAN h-Judge George Whitep-Nathan & Rebecca Priest Horton; Stone broken 
WHITE, James H.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANd-18 Feb 1881; Age-1y7m4d p-P. & R. White 
WHITE, JohnWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANd-3 Mar 1853; Age-66y p-Thomas & Elizabeth Jones White 
WIBLE, AudreyWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-1933; d-1935 p- Florence W. Wible 
WIBLE, Florence VirginiaWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-8 January 1907; d-30 November 1937h-Willard Wiblep-N.W. and Stella Hixson Horton 
WILSON, CharlotteWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANd-11 Feb 1893; Age-34y2m8dh- W.S. Wilson  
WILSON, Elmer G.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANd-28 Aug 1889; Age-8y25d p-W.S. & C.E. Wilson 
WIRICK, EmmaWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-1884; 1951h- William H.  
WIRICK, William H.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-1881; d-1955w-Emma  
WISHART, Eliza J.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANd-23 Feb 1884; Age-35y4m25d   
WISHART, Florence C.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANd- 1872 p-H. &. R. Wishart 
WISHART; GeorgeWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANd- 11 Mar 1837; Age- 6y8m p- R. & J. Wishart 
WISHART, Harlan L.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-2 Feb 1874; d-8 Mar 1934 p- Harry & Rebecca Wishart 
WISHART, Capt. HarveyWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb- 20 June 1838; d-3 Apr 1912w-Rebecca Piperp-H. S. WishartCo. B, 126th Regt.; Co. H, 108th Regt, PA Vol.
WISHART, Infant DaughterWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANd- 1870 p- H. &. R. Wishart 
WISHART, John AlexanderWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-1847; d-1913w- Louise Grove  
WISHART, Louise GroveWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-1856; d-1934h-John Alexander Wishart  
WISHART, Rachel PheobeWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANd-10 June 1876; Age- 6y7m22d p- H. & R. Wishart 
WISHART, Rebecca PiperWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-11 Nov 1835; d-8 June 1930h- Harvey Wishart  
WISHART, Sarah KatherineWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-12 Jan 1845; d-13 Nov 1916 p- John & Rachel Wishart 
WOODCOCK, Sarah AlexanderWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANd- 21 June 1850; Age- 43y9m8dh- John Woodcock  
WRIGHT, Galen D.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-7 Sept. 1961; d-5 Oct. 1999; age-38w-?p-Vivian Wright 
WRIGHT, Hope L. SmithWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-March 1926h-Norman  
WRIGHT, Ruby E.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-25 Nov. 1902; d-17 Oct. 1973h-Albert S. Wrightp-Daniel & Jane Ford Warsing 
YOUNG, David H.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-27 Nov. 1921; d-23 April 2001; age-79w-Florence Fordp-Frank S. and Edna Dean Young 
YOUNG, Florence M.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-16 Jan 1914; d-?h- David Young  
ZELLERS, Charles (jr)WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-25 May 1929; d-2 Oct. 2001; age-72w-Betty L. Reedp-Charles Sr. and Lola Sprowl Zellers 
ZELLERS, Lola Pauline SprowlWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-11 Feb. 1909; d-28 Nov. 1983 p-George E. & Bessie Johnson Sprowl 
HEATH, Jane M.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb- 05 Oct. 1953; d- 06 May 2005 p- John and Beulah Thomas Parson 
STAFFORD, Iva B.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-08 Feb. 1921; 27 Oct. 2005h-Joseph J. Stafford Sr.p-Harrison and Esther Clark Horton 
HORTON, Mary I.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-13 Sept. 1913; d-07 July 2005h-Paul N. Hortonp-Gilbert A. and Pearl Rice Fischer 
HANN, Wanda L.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-13 Sept. 1942; d-05 Apr. 2006h-Arnold R. Hannp-Clifford D. & Helen H. Souders Foreman 
HORTON, Chalmer E.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-08 Jan. 1919; d-23 Feb. 2006w-Mary M. Figardp-Harrison & Esther Clark HortonU.S. Army
HORTON, Paul N.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-14 Dec. 1913; d-27 Nov. 2006w-Mary Fischer Hortonp-Nathan W. & Stella Hixon Horton 
FORD, Gladys F.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-13 June 1926; d-27 June 2007h-John Allen Fordp-James Harvey & Gertrude Mae ( Detwiler) Figard 
WRIGHT, Gerald E. Sr.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-31 Mar. 1929; d-25 Aug. 2007 p-Albert & Ruby Warsing Wright 
SOSAK, Lori A. BrownWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-06 June 1968; d-08 June 2008h-p-Harry P. & Wanda Watkins Brown 

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