Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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MELLOTT, Mary EllenSIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-17 Oct. 1843; d-14 March 1918, age 75y5m7dh-Michael Mellottp-William and Sarah Jane Riblet Deshong 
PITTMAN, Harry E.DAMASCUSb-1894; d-13 October 1967 p-William and Sarah Ellen Hess Pittman 
PITTMAN, Lee RoyDAMASCUSb-1890; d-7 December 1968w-Della Blanche Pittmanp-William and Sarah Ellen Hess Pittman 
HERSHEY, Jemima FrancisKNOBSVILLE METHODISTb-20 Sept. 1877; d-8 Dec. 1933h-George M. Hersheyp-William and Sarah E. King 
CULLER, Daisy Y.REHOBETHb-8 Aug. 1899; d-15 Dec. 1965; age-66h-Howardp-William and Sarah Bishop Younker 
ENSLEY, Vernon C.McKENDREEb-8 February 1879: d-12 March 1968w-Pearl Stunkardp-William and Sarah (Hanks) Ensley 
FEGLEY, Minnie SIDELING HILL CHRISTIANd-18 April 1925, age 30h-Trout Fegleyp-William and Sadie Mumma Strait 
KUHN, Blair M. SAINT THOMASb-10 February 1937;d-15 February 2019w-Ruth Anna Burkholder Kuhnp-William and Ruth Knable Kuhn 
SPROWL, William L.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-30 Aug 1859; d-28 Aug 1940w-Apha Wrightp-William and Ruanna Sprowl 
MOSTEN, Cora B.UNIONb-3 Feb. 1920; d-22 Oct. 1996; age- 76h-?p-William and Rebecca Walker Mosten 
COOPER, Norman B.UNIONb-24 June 1893; d-17 July 1964 p-William and Rebecca Keyser Cooper 
CORBIN, Joseph FrankCorbind-18 August 1880, age 30-5-25w-Susie Corbinp-William and Rebecca Brown Corbin 
HUMBERT, Rebecca TruaxDAMASCUSb-16 March 1827; d-8 November 1911h-Thomas Humbertp-William and Rachel Pittman Truax 
HETTERMAN, HelenBUCK VALLEY LUTHERANb-17 August 1916; d-16 April 1996; age-79h-Carl Edward Hettermanp-William and Rachel Crawford Sigel 
CULLER, William AlvinGREEN HILL  p-William and Phoebe Litton Culler 
MAUSTON, James W.UNIONb-11 Oct. 1911; d-10 March 2000; age-88w-Mary Jones Maustonp-William and Nancy Walker Mauston 
WOODAL, June Y.NEEDMORE BIBLEb-29 April 1924; d-14 Aug. 2001; age-77h-Harold Woodalp-William and Mildred Burge Yohn 
POLLOCK, Madge E.CROMWELLb-4 Feb. 1926; d-14 June 2002; age-76h-Fern F. Pollockp-William and Melva Rowles Knepp 
SCHOOLEY, Theodore L. b-18 February 1936; d-16 July 2018w-Charlotte Souders Schooleyp-William and Maye Sipes Schooley 
MILLER, John A.UNIONb-2 August 1939 d-21 Febuary 2015w-p-William and May M. (Kelso) Miller. 
STONE, John FulfortREHOBETHb-;d-1 October 1925 p-William and Mary Stone 
GORDON, FredUNIONb-27 Jan 1875, d-24 Jan. 1966; Age 90y25d p-William and Mary Sipes 
STRAIT, Harvey M.ASBURYb-24 Januay 1876; d-29 Mar. 1957w-Alice E. Gordonp-William and Mary Mellott Strait 
MILLER, Daniel H.McCONNELLSBURG PRESBYTERIANb-13 Sept. 1825; d-20 Oct. 1900w-Sarah Ann Yinglingp-William and Mary Magdalena MillerThird PA Heavy Artillery
WENTLING, Daisy StraitUNIONd-24 Dec 1947h-Meade G. Wentlingp-William and Mary M. Strait 
FISCHER, M. PearlAMARANTHd-12 January 1969, age 76h-Gilbert A. Fischerp-William and Mary Hess Rice 
FISCHER, Ora J.*AMARANTHb-6 October 1898; d-31 March 1961h-Melvin Fischerp-William and Mary Hess Rice 
MELLOTT, MiriamSIDELING HILLb-17 April 1832; d-9 Jan. 1921h-Dennis Mellottp-William and Mary Hess 
BISHOP, LucyANTIOCHb-13 Sept. 1895; d-29 August 1965 p-William and Mary Harris Bishop 
KEEFER, Olive M.UNIONb-5 Sept. 1910; d-19 Jan. 1999; age-88h-Ulysses G. Keeferp-William and Mary Harris Bishop 
WILSON, Lula Hazel Peck*UNIONb-2 August 1893; d-1 January 1959h-(1) Walter Peck; (2) Charles Wilsonp-William and Mary Harris Bishop 
FEGLEY, George McClellanSIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-5 April 1882; d-24 July 1944w-Emma M. Strait Fegleyp-William and Mary Fohner Fegley 
BEALE , Evelyn B.WHIPS COVEb-17 Nov. 1912; d-5 Nov. 2002; age-89h-Joseph K. Bealep-William and Mary Everts Engle 
FISHER, Mary Althea ScottUNIONb-17 July 1920; d-9 Jan 1999; age-78h-?p-William and Mary Bish Scott 
MILLER, Jesse L.CENTERb-31 Oct. 1871; d-25 Nov. 1937w-Lillie Brownp-William and Mary Berkstresser 
KEEBAUGH, Virgil Milton*UNIONb-17 July 1890; d-21 December 1970w-Edna Keebaughp-William and Mary Alice Wink Keebaugh 
STEAK, Infant?23 Jan. 1889; age-9 days p-William and Mary A. Steak 
BISHOP, MaryANTIOCHb-20 August 1857; d-12 December 1934h-George W. Bishopp-William and Martha Mellott Strait 
DESHONG, Ralph RileyUNIONb-6 Novl 1902; d-8 Nov. 1985w-Lena Truaxp-William and Martha DeShong 
AMBROSE, Foster S.HUSTONTOWNb-15 February 1882; d-1963w-Nellie Baumanp-William and Margaret Wible Ambrose 
SEIDERS, Sarah HelenUNIONb-17 April 1874; d-1 August 1965; Age 91y3m14dh-Elmer J. Seidersp-William and Margaret Steffa Shafer 
FEAGLEY, Shirley A.Antiochb-30 January 1938;d-14 January 2019 p-William and Margaret Shives Sowers 
CHARLTON, William LeeWARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIANb-1875; d-27 Jun e1952w-Susan Nora Charltonp-William and Margaret McKoven Charlton 
BATDORFF, Nora Catherine (Ambrose)BETHELEMb-27 January 1896: d-1968?h-Earnest A. Batdorffp-William and Margaret Jane (Wible) Ambrose 
BARD, Herman R.ANTIOCH w-Flossie Sharp Bardp-William and Margaret Hess Bard 
BARNETT, Iva MaeFAIRVIEWb-9 April 1908; d-4 March 2000h-Clarence Eugene Barnettp-William and Malinda Jane Edwards Strait 
NESBITT, Samuel AlexanderUNIONb-2 September 1853; d-18 May 1928; Age 75y8m16dw-Susan E. Conrad Nesbittp-William and Magdalena Kirkpatrick Nesbitt 
SWOPE, Richard WEBENEZERb- 14 Nov. 1872 d- 15 Nov. 1943w- Alice Maudep-William and Lydia Ann Hockensmith Swope 
THOMAS, AnnieSIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-13 Oct. 1876; d-10 May 1934h-Mason Thomasp-William and Louemma Daniels 
MCELDOWNEY, James FultonSIDELING HILL BAPTISTb-11 Aug 1909 d-16 Feb 1982 Age 72yw-Carrie Ambrose McEldowneyp-William and Lidia McEldowney 

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