Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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BARD, Lois G.Fairviewb-20 April 1929; d-2 October 2016 h-Grover Clarence Bardp-William and Verna (park) Lane 
BARD, Lois J.EBENEZER U.M.b- 31 May 1932; d- 8 June 2017Wayne H. BardMarshal "Earl" and Ada Ellen (Deneen) Truax 
BARD, LydiaUNION COVEd-16 June 1959; Age 90y   
BARD, Lynn S.UNIONb-10 Aug. 1916; d-5 Nov. 1995; age-79w-Mary Knauff Bardp-Newton and Tina Strait Bard 
BARD, M. H.EBENEZERb-30 January 1886; d-5 March 1958w-Goldie Pittman Bardp-Michael and Margaret Truax Bard 
BARD, M. H. ShermanEBENEZERb-30 Jan. 1886; d-8 Mar. 1958w-Goldie Pittmanp-Michael & Margaret Truax Bard 
BARD, M. LeeSIDELING HILL CHRISTIANd-12 May 1986; Age 76yw-Edna Deckerp-Oliver & Nettie Mellott Bard 
BARD, Margaret E.EBENEZER METHODISTb-1877h-William M. Bard  
BARD, Margaret TruaxEBENEZER METHODISTb-13 April 1847; d-25 Mar. 1922h-Michael E. H. Bard  
BARD, MaryWINEGARDNERMarker non-readableh-Samuel Bard  
BARD, Mary KnauffUNIONb-2 Jan 1908; d-20 Sept. 1999; age-91h-Lynn S. Bardp-Daniel and Sarah Knauff 
BARD, Mary P.DUBLIN MILLS COMMUNITY CHURCH b-31 August 1928; d- 22 June 2014h-Charles Donald Bard Jr.p-Paul and Anna (Kimmel) Ashman 
BARD, Merril LeeSIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-20 December 1909; d-12 May 1986   
BARD, MichaelEBENEZERb-?; d-27 July 1997; age-82w-Evaline Elizabeth Bardp-Oliver L. B. Bard and Nettie Mellott Bard 
BARD, Michael E. H.EBENEZER METHODISTb-21 July 1844; d-29 April 1929w-Margaret Truaxp-Charles and Susan Lehman Bard 
BARD, MolliePLEASANT RIDGE BRETHRENb-1884h-Virgil Bard  
BARD, NettieEBENEZER METHODISTb-1888; d-1924   
BARD, Newton J.UNIONb-28 Sept. 1879; d:21 Sept. 1966w-Tina Straitp-Michael & Margaret Truax Bard 
BARD, Oliver L.EBENEZERb-20 August 1887; d-14 October 1970w-Elizabeth Drakep-Michael & Margaret Truax Bard 
BARD, Orlen H.UNIONb-14 Oct. 1917; d-03 Jan. 1996w-Romaine Bishop Bardp-Newton J. & Tina Strait Bard 
BARD, Orville T.UNIONb-14 Oct. 1917; d-13 June 2001; age-83w-Helen Rokosky Bardp-Newton and Tina Strait Bard 
BARD, PhoebePLEASANT RIDGE BRETHRENd-10 Jan. 1904; Age 57y3m20dh-John Bard  
BARD, RomaineUNIONb- 19 Dec. 1921;d- 04 Oct. 2004h- Orlen Bardp- David and Virginia Wagner Bishop 
BARD, Rose M.SIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-26 May 1881; d-22 Oct. 1910h-John W. Bard  
BARD, Ross A. (Mrs.) b- 18 November 1879 d- 14 Febuary 1932h- Mr. Ross A Bardp- Jobe and Savannah Layton Mellott 
BARD, SusanPLEASANT RIDGE BRETHRENd-15 Feb. 1891; Age 75y10m13dh-Charles Bard  
BARD, SylviaEBENEZER METHODISTb-1924; d-1925   
BARD, Tena FrancesUNIONb-29 May 1886; d-15 June 1976h-Newton J. Bardp-William & Mary Mellott Strait 
BARD, Thomas WilsonPLEASANT GROVEb-12 July 1876; d-26 September 1945   
BARD, VirgilPLEASANT RIDGE BRETHRENb-1878; d-1930w-Mollie  
BARD, Walter Raymond (jr)PLEASANT RIDGE NAZARENEb-1 Sept. 1930; d-22 March 1998; age-67w-Faye McQuade Bardp-Walter R. Bard Sr. and Amy M. Sipes Bard 
BARD, Walter Raymond Sr.PLEASANT RIDGEb-4 Dec. 1902; d-15 Feb. 1972w-Amy M. Sipesp-Christian Albert & Cora Hess Bard 
BARD, Wayne H.EBENEZERb-10 may 1932; d-27 Sept. 2009w-Lois Jean Truax Bardp-Oliver Lee & Elizabeth Alice Strait BardUS Army
BARD, William M.EBENEZER METHODISTb-1874; d-1910   
BARE, D. K.FT. LITTLETONb-7 Sept. 1844; d-20 Feb. 1901   
BARE, Emma W.FT. LITTLETONb-13 April 1878; d-1 Nov. 1908   
BARE, Jacob d-26 Nov. 1889; age about 70   
BARHTALOW, RodneyANTIOCHb-7 Aug. 1954; d-4 Sept. 1995; age-31 p-Twila Appleby Lee and Roy E. Barthalow 
BARKMAN, BarbaraAKERSVILLE METHODISTb-4 Feb. 1860; d-25 Oct. 1932   
BARKMAN, Hazel V.HUSTONTOWNb-25 Nov. 1899; d-8 August 1977h-Ross E. Barkmanp-James K. & Lillie Sipes Reeder 
BARKMAN, InfantHUSTONTOWNd-2 Mar. 1934 p-R. E. & H. V.Barkman 
BARKMAN, Jason M.AKERSVILLE METHODISTb-12 Nov. 1906; d-28 May 1978w-Mabel I. Duvallp-Martin & Rebecca Sponsler Barkman 
BARKMAN, Mabel I.AKERSVILLE METHODISTb-26 Nov. 1913; d-26 Nov. 2006h-Jason Martin Barkmanp-Roy & Retta Strait Duvall 
BARKMAN, Martin AsaAKERSVILLE METHODISTb-12 April 1858; d-16 Jan. 1942w-Rebecca Sponslerp-Philip and Elizabeth Barkman 
BARKMAN, Rebecca F.AKERSVILLE METHODISTb-26 July 1867; d-5 Nov. 1931   
BARKMAN, Robert E.HUSTONTOWNb-8 Dec. 1923; d-25 May 1957w-Anges Yoch Barkmanp-Ross E. and Hazel V. Reeder BarkmanWW II
BARKMAN, Ross E.HUSTONTOWNb-15 Feb. 1895; d-29 Nov. 1971w-Hazel Reederp-Martin A. & Frances Sponsler BarkmanWW I
BARLING, Delores A.SIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTIST CEMETERYb-22 May 1941;d-5 January 2019h-Meredith Barlingp-William Palmer and Mildred Ruth Mellot Barnhart 
BARLING, Meredith M.SIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-19 July 1940; d-10 May 2006w-Delores A. Barnhart Barlingp-Foster Hayes & Wyola Montana Maddex BarlingU. S. Navy
BARMONT, Anna C.McCONNELLSBURG REFORMEDd-23 Nov. 1886; Age 47y7m24d   

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