Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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BARNETT, AbnerZIONb-1784; d-1844w-Annie Edwards  
BARNETT, AgnesFAIRVIEWd:12 Jan. 1901; Age 81y4m28dh-Daniel Barnett  
BARNETT, Alvah P.WELLS VALLEY CHAPELd-9 July 1876; Age 8m25d p-J. E. & S. A. Barnett 
BARNETT, Annie EdwardsZIONb-1795; d-1858h-Abner Barnett  
BARNETT, Belle M.WELLS METHODISTb-31 Oct. 1858; d-28 May 1933   
BARNETT, Birt IrvinCENTERb-26 November 1870; d-11 June 1941w-Della Barnett Helselp-Jonathan and Harriet Foote Barnett 
BARNETT, Bula ViolaWELLS METHODISTd-23 July 1891; Age 1y6m10d p-J. W. & B. M. Barnett 
BARNETT, Carl M., Sr.CENTERb-8 August 1910; d-31 July 1966   
BARNETT, Carol Y.SIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-14 September 1962: d-5 December 1962 p-Harty and Edith Mellott Barnett 
BARNETT, Clarence E., Sr.FAIRVIEWb-23 July 1907; d-26 Feb. 1992w-Iva Mae Straitp-Joseph & Margaret Cutchall Barnett 
BARNETT, DanielFAIRVIEWd-25 Feb. 1899; Age 78y10m17dw-Agnes  
BARNETT, ElizabethWELLS METHODISTb-19 April 1815; d-9 Feb. 1895h-J. Barnett  
BARNETT, Elizabeth J.CENTERd-14 April 1929; Age 76y8m1dh-Z. Bland Barnett  
BARNETT, Elmer RoyWELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-1888; d-1946w-Mary E. Bridenstine  
BARNETT, Emma L.CENTERb-4 Oct. 1887; d-26 Feb. 1969h-James F. Barnettp-Thomas and Alice Sipes Reeder 
BARNETT, EstherCENTERb-17 August 1878; d:9 Jan. 1938h-Howard Barnett  
BARNETT, Ethel E.WELLS METHODISTb-1886; d-1953   
BARNETT, George N.HUSTONTOWNb-21 June 1889; d-10 Feb. 1956w-Nora Chestnut Bakerp-Z. Bland & Elizabeth Huston Barnett 
BARNETT, George W.NEW GRENADAb-1858; d-1927w-Mary  
BARNETT, Glenn EMT. TABORb-16 June 1928; d- Jan 2000w-Helen Taylor Barnettp-Clarence Barnett and Iva Strait Barnett; 
BARNETT, Guy LeroyCENTERb-23 Mar. 1935; d-28 May 1937 p-Vaughan Barnett 
BARNETT, Harold L.NEW GRENADAb-14 Mar. 1899; d-10 August 1907 p-George W. & Mary E. Barnett 
BARNETT, HarrietCENTERb-26 May 1844; d-21 June 1923h-Jonathan Barnett  
BARNETT, Hazel R.CENTERb-17 July 1910; d-6 Mar 2004; Age 93h-Sebert D. Barnettp-Rosswell & Sarah Crider Stains 
BARNETT, Henry RollinCENTERd-30 Oct. 1886; Age 6y6m29d p-Z. B. & E. J. Barnett 
BARNETT, HobartCENTERb-4 Sept. 1898; d-17 Feb. 1899 p-Howard & Esther Barnett 
BARNETT, Howard J.CENTERb-13 Oct. 1869; d-2 Nov. 1954w-Esther Knepperp-Jonathan & Harriet Foot Barnett 
BARNETT, Ida M.CENTERb-8 Oct. 1921; d-2 Mar. 1975h-Melvin J. Barnettp-Howard and Florence Carbaugh Seville 
BARNETT, Ida MayeHUSTONTOWNb-7 Feb. 1878; d-2 June 1947h-Joseph Barnettp- Lewis and Melinda Vallance Shaw 
BARNETT, InfantHUSTONTOWNd:21 Mar. 1926; p-George & Nora Barnett 
BARNETT, InfantCENTERd-9 Dec. 1878   
BARNETT, InfantNEW GRENADAd-22 Jan. 188_; Age 2d p-G. W. & M. E. Barnett 
BARNETT, James F.CENTERb-26 Feb. 1882; d:20 July 1940w-Emma  
BARNETT, James W.WELLS METHODISTb-20 Feb. 1860; d-9 May 1933w-Belle M.  
BARNETT, JohnCENTERb-1 August 1827; d-9 July 1912 on stone with Jonathan 
BARNETT, JonathanCENTERb-22 May 1835; d-22 July 1896w-Harriet  
BARNETT, JonathanWELLS METHODISTb-5 June 1813; d-2 Mar. 1892   
BARNETT, Joseph C.HUSTONTOWNb-22 Feb. 1880; d:18 Mar. 1940w-Ida  
BARNETT, Ladema GraceCENTERb-20 Jan. 1918; d-24 Nov. 1977h-1) William Kerlin, 2) Carl Barnett,Sr.p-Elmer & Nellie Yingling Knepper 
BARNETT, Maggie L.MT. TABORd-13 Sept. 1910; Age 29y10m27d   
BARNETT, Mary E.NEW GRENADAb-1859: d-1915:h-George W. Barnett  
BARNETT, Mary Elizabeth Bridenstine*WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANb-23 May 1896; d-23 October 1961h- Elmer Roy Barnettp-Jane Hunter and Herbert H. Bridenstine 
BARNETT, Mary E.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANd-14 Sept 1864, Age- 9y3m27d   
BARNETT, Meade J.WELLS VALLEY CHAPELb-27 April 1887; d-11 August 1952w-Ora Mae  
BARNETT, Missouri R.WELLS VALLEY PRESBYTERIANd-10 Aug 1874; Age-4m21d   
BARNETT, Nathan P.CENTERd-16 Oct. 1905; Age 80y10mw-Sarah  
BARNETT, Nora E.HUSTONTOWNb-18 Nov. 1892; d-30 Mar. 1986h-George N. Barnettp-James & Melinda Sipes Chesnut 
BARNETT, Ora MaeWELLS VALLEY CHAPELb-1896: d-1982h-Meade J. Barnett  
BARNETT, PhilFIELDAge 90y;(see Rebecca Barnett for location)   
BARNETT, RebeccaFIELDb-1801; d-2 July 1878; (only other marker is Phil. Mountain Road, Taylor Twp, Top of Hill in Charlie Black's field, next to H   

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