Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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WINK, Albert RoyANTIOCHb-8 Sept. 1889; d-16 Sept. 1967w-Dessie Lynchp-Conrad Jacob & Minnie Barton Wink 
WINK, AdamSIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-23 Oct. 1764; d-22 May 1841w-Rebecca Akersp-Jacob, Esq. & Elizabeth Wink 
WINK, AbnerWINKb-18 March 1837; d-31 Mar. 1886w-Hester Fohnerp-William & Christiana Lake WinkG.A.R.
WINGERT, Sara AliceANTIOCH CHRISTIANb-20 May 1932; d-23 Sept. 2006h-James K. Wingertp-Ephraim Glenn & Mary Elizabeth Brannon Everts 
WINFIELD, Savannah StevensUNIONd-7 April 1932; Age 44y7m22d   
WINEGARDNER, William HarryCLEAR RIDGEb-28 July 1888; d-19 August 1956w-Verna Chilcotep-John & Louisa Miller Winegardner 
WINEGARDNER, Verna H.CLEAR RIDGEb-18 August 1897; d-31 Oct. 1972h-Harry W. Winegardnerp-Wesley & Mary Elizabeth Dunlap Chilcote 
WINEGARDNER, Thaddeus M.CLEAR RIDGEb-20 Sept. 1897; d-8 Feb. 1991w-Emma E. Gelvinp-Vena Winegardner Roher 
WINEGARDNER, Rodney L.?b- 12 May 1955; d- 3 Sept 2003; Age 48 p- Dale & Geraldine Mask Winegardner 
WINEGARDNER, Robert HunterCLEAR RIDGEb-22 Sept. 1884; d-5 May 1979 p-David & Eliza Bratton Winegardner 
WINEGARDNER, Robert EldaCLEAR RIDGEd-9 Feb. 1977; Age 84y p-John & Louisa Miller Winegardner 
WINEGARDNER, RaymondCLEAR RIDGEb-22 Dec. 1927; d-19 March 1999; age-71w-Grace Straley Winegardnerp-Robert E. and Phyllis Grissinger Winegardner 
WINEGARDNER, Phyllis JuliaCLEAR RIDGEb-28 June 1895; d-23 July 1972h-Robert E. Winegardnerp-Samuel & Annie Gaster Grissinger 
WINEGARDNER, NettieCLEAR RIDGEb-1859; d-1943h-Jacob Winegardner  
WINEGARDNER, Murial A.CLEAR RIDGEd-8 April 1913; Age 1m p-B. S. Winegardner & Lou G. Winegardner Hockensmith 
WINEGARDNER, MaryWINEGARDNERb-1838; d-1896h-Isaac Winegardner  
WINEGARDNER, LouisaWINEGARDNERb-1864; d-22 December 1937h-John Winegardnerp-Miller 
WINEGARDNER, Lillie B.UNIONd-18 Nov. 1944   
WINEGARDNER, John TrentonCLEAR RIDGEb-18 Dec. 1881; d-19 Jan. 1945w-Bertha Troy Winegardnerp-David and Elizabeth Bratton Winegardner 
WINEGARDNER, JacobWINEGARDNERb-1800; d-5 March 1879   
WINEGARDNER, JacobCLEAR RIDGEb-1856; d-1929   
WINEGARDNER, IsaacWINEGARDNERd-20 Feb. 1898; Age 55y28d   
WINEGARDNER, Infant DaughterWINEGARDNERd-1833 p-J. & E. Winegardner 
WINEGARDNER, HarryCLEAR RIDGEb-1888; d-1956   
WINEGARDNER, H. IreneCLEAR RIDGEb-1922; d-1926   
WINEGARDNER, Grace M.CLEAR RIDGEb-16 Jan. 1932;d-13 March 1999; age-67h-Raymond Winegardnerp-William and Eleanor Pine Straley 
WINEGARDNER, Geraldine E.FT. LITTLETONb-26 October 1927; d-25 February 2013h-Dale W. Winegardnerp-Lewis George and Nora Lucille Cochran Mask 
WINEGARDNER, Emma EdithCLEAR RIDGEb-18 Sept. 1898; d-23 Mar. 1986h-Thad Winegardnerp-Mowrey & Mary Wagner Gelvin 
WINEGARDNER, Emma?d-17 December 1898, age 20y10m1d   
WINEGARDNER, ElizabethWINEGARDNERb-1810; d-1863h-Jacob Winegardner  
WINEGARDNER, Eliza A.CLEAR RIDGEb-1851; d:1899; Beside Daniel Winegardner   
WINEGARDNER, Donald K.*UNIONb-6 March 1909; d-29 December 1960w-Blanche Cunningham Winegardnerp-Bert Winegardner and Mrs. Lou G. Kerlin Hockensmith 
WINEGARDNER, Della J.CLEAR RIDGEb-1875; d-1913; Beside Daniel & Eliza Winegardner   
WINEGARDNER, David IrvinCLEAR RIDGEb-19 April 1885; d-31 July 1952w-Clara Bell Grissingerp-John and Louisa (Miller) Winegardner 
WINEGARDNER, David AllenCLEAR RIDGEb-25 June 1927; d-27 June 1927 p-David & Clara Winegardner 
WINEGARDNER, DavidCLEAR RIDGEb-6 August 1840; d-11 January 1929w-Eliza Jane Bratton  
WINEGARDNER, Dale W.FT. LITTLETONb-30 August 1925; d-7 Aug. 1998; age-72w-Geraldine E. Mask Winegardnerp-Thad M. and Emma Gelvin Winegardner 
WINEGARDNER, Clarence E.CLEAR RIDGEd-18 Jan. 1992; Age 84y p-Bert S. Winegardner & Lou Kerlin Winegardner HockensmithWW II
WINEGARDNER, Clara BelleCLEAR RIDGEb-18 August 1892; d-31 Dec. 1983h-David I. Winegardnerp-Allen & Adaline Ott Grissinger 
WINEGARDNER, CatherineWINEGARDNERb-1835; d-1848 p-J. & E. Winegardner 
WINEGARDNER, Brian GregCLEAR RIDGEb-^ July 1958; d-28 Oct. 1958 p-Glenn & Emma Jean Winegardner 
WINEGARDNER, Berte S.CLEAR RIDGEb-14 April 1882; d-29 Dec. 1915   
WINEGARDNER, Alda BlancheUNIONd-28 Feb. 1989; Age 79yh-Donald K. Winegardnerp-Sylvester W. & Anne Raker Cunningham 
WINDLE, WilliamMcCONNELLSBURG LUTHERANd-11 April 1848; Age 18y11m10d   
WINDLE, Mary E.McCONNELLSBURG LUTHERANd-11 Feb. 1847; Age 6y1m11d   
WILT, Roger H., Jr.SIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-19 July 1961; d-16 Mar. 1993 p-Roger H. Wilt, Sr. & Mona Dick Wilt Keebaugh 
WILT, Michael S.FT. LITTLETONb-1826; d-1910w-Emma  
WILT, John W.BURNT CABINSb-9 Sept. 1792; d-14 August 1860w-Catharine  

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