Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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WEIMER, Nolan P.AKERSVILLEb-17 Nov. 1935; d-25 May 1995; age-63w-Winifred Barton Weimerp-William E. & Agnes Schenk Weimer 
DUFFIELD, MargaretMcCONNELLSBURG PRESBYTERIANd-30 August 1837; Age 2y2m20d p-William Duffield 
MELLOTT, Emmer DeShongUNIONb-19 May 1907; d-7 July 1997; age-90h-Ralph Walter Mellottp-William DeShong and Martha Mellott DeShong 
DIEHL, Curtis A.WHIPS COVEd-22 Sept. 1941; Age 35y10m2dw-Hope Deneenp-William Deihl 
SHIVES, Doris MarlenePLEASANT GROVEb-18 April 1952; d-12 November 2010h-Paul D. Shivesp-William Deb and Mary Bishop Clingerman 
RITZ, Charles HarrisonBUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANb-01 July 1889; d-21 Nov. 1962 p-William Daniel & Delilah Jane Beatty Ritz 
PETTY-JOHN, Roland L.?b-19 May 1939; d-29 Apr. 2007 p-William D. Petty-John & Alverta Wilson 
COVER, P. RodneyUNIONb-26 Mar. 1937; d-28 Mar. 2006w-Peggy A. Keeferp-William D. Cover & Lillian M. Mellott 
LEE, Blanche MellottBUCK VALLEY METHODISTb-19 February 1902; d-26 July 1921h-Seymore Leep-William D. and Bessie Mellott 
PETTY-John, Lennard M.UNIONb-30 June 1944; d-3 August 2017w-Verna J. Thomas Petty-Johnp-William D. and Alverta Wilson Petty-John 
LAKE, AnnaPLEASANT GROVEb-13 Jan. 1855; d-26 May 1948h-William H. Lakep-William D. & Sarah F. Ledwage 
MORGRET, John ClaudeOAKLANDb-15 June 1911; d-Age 44y6m3dw-Louise Yortp-William D. & Lillie A. Peck Morgret 
COVER, Donald Richard "Dick"UNIONb-6 Jan. 1941; d-24 Jan. 1993 p-William D. & Lillian Mellott Cover 
STOTLER, Clara DelilahBUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANb-1895; d-25 Oct. 1972; Age 77yh-Frederick M. Stotlerp-William D. & Delilah Beatty Ritz 
WITESIDE, Jeremy Page "J.P." b- 8 July 1979 d 13 Sept. 2013 p-William Curtis and Sharon Louise Stahle Whiteside 
WHITESIDE, Jeremy Page (J. P.)WHIPS COVEb-8 July 1979; d-13 September 2013 p-William Curtis and Sharon Louise Stahle Whiteside 
HEWETT, RachelREHOBETHb-? ; d-18 Aug. 1911 aged 63y6m24dh-Jacob Hewittp-William Culler 
CRAWFORD, John S.BUCK VALLEY METHODISTb-12 Dec. 1855; d-11 Feb. 1942 p-William Crawford & Sarah Smith 
CORBIN, Eliza McCordUNIONb-21 Nov. 1910; d-7 Oct. 1998; age-87h-p-William Corbin and Helen Johnston Corbin Dimm 
COOPER, B. NormanUNIONd-16 July 1964; Age 71y23d p-William Cooper 
COMERER, HowardUNIONd:13 Nov. 1897; Age 6y9m25d p-William Comerer 
WARD, Mary L.TONOLOWAYb-12 February 1934; d-19 May 2018h-James Edward Ward Srp-William Clyde and Mary Elizabeth Wills Jackson 
CLEVENGER, InfantUNIONReinterred 1915 p-William Clevenger 
RITCHEY, PAUL A., Sr.BETHELb-2 Feb 1941; d-30 Dec 2003; Age 62w-Dulce M. Ritcheyp-William Clay & Goldie May Stains Ritchey 
ASKINS, James Stanley?d-6 Sept 2011, age 79w-Janet Griffith Askinsp-William Clair and Agnes Sloan AskinsUS Marines, Korean War
COMERER, Dorothy E.DAMASCUSb-3 June 1913; d-15 Aug. 2001; age-88h-Floyd Donald Comererp-William Carl and Mary Etta Graves Peck 
HILL, Mamie FernPLEASANT RIDGE BRETHRENd-19 Jan. 1985; Age 80yh-Walter J. Hillp-William Carl & Tillie Hixon Mellott 
LAYTON, Goldie E.JERUSALEMd-12 Mar. 1983; Age 86yh-Chester William Laytonp-William Carl & Mytre Decker McKee 
DENEEN, Anna D.REHOBETHd-3 Mar. 1978; Age 90y p-William Carl & Ellen Younker Deneen 
DENEEN, Emma L.REHOBETHb-23 Jan. 1880; d-03 Jan. 1947 p-William Carl & Ellen Younker Deneen 
DENEEN, Elwood StigersREHOBETHb-09 Apr. 1892; d-26 Aug. 1951w-Ella Haywoodp-William Carl & Ellen Younker Deneen 
DENEEN, Raymond H.REHOBETHb-15 Apr. 1888; d-03 June 1923w-Margaret Henlinep-William Carl & Ellen Younker Deneen 
DENEEN, Clarence BrosiusREHOBETHb-04 Sept. 1875;d-09 Feb. 1936w-Alberthea Ziesp-William Carl & Ellen Younker Deneen 
MOORE, AmandaREHOBETHb-? Sept. 1878;d-07 Oct. 1980h-Hamilton Moorep-William Carl & Ellen Younker Deneen 
CARBAUGH, InfantUNIONd-Sept. 1926 p-William Carbaugh 
CARBAUGH, MervinUNIONd-11 July 1910; Age 5m19d p-William Carbaugh 
CARBAUGH, VirgilUNIONd-5 July 1910; Age 2m14d p-William Carbaugh 
CARBAUGH, William RobertUNIONd-3 Sept. 1926; age-2y2m18d p-William Carbaugh 
HECKMAN, Mary I. FesslerWELLS METHODISTb-1851; d-1926 p-William C. Heckman 
WELSH, David H.SIDELING HILL CHRISTAINb-14 July 1935: d-1 January 2014w-Dorothy J. Deshong Welshp-William C. and ODessie Deshong WelshUS Army SP4
ROYAL, John E.PLEASANT RIDGE NAZARENEb-30 November 1936; d-1 October 2010w-Dorothy Swope Royalp-William C. and Mary Etta Teston RoyalUS Army
PATTERSON, Isabel G.UNIONb-29 June 1911; d-26 Oct. 1996; age-85h-nonep-William c. and Lillie Grove Patterson 
CISNEY, Martha P.?b-18 June 1916; d-10 May 1999; age-82h-Howard H. Parsons, Foster J. Cisneyp-William C. and Lillie Cornelius Lister 
PRICE, Bertie M.FAIRVIEW U. M.b-4 May 1907; d-29 Sept. 2001; age-94h-Gerald M. Pricep-William C. and Eliza F. Cline Hershey 
KEEFER. Helen L. b-26 October 1930; d-19 May 2018h-Clarence Loyd Keeferp-William C. and Dessie DeShong Welsh 
DRENNING, Amy LeonaSIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-28 Sept. 1916; d-28 Dec. 1999; age-83h-Wilmer Silas Drenningp-William C. and Cloie O'Dessie DeShong Welsh 
MELLOTT, Alice V.SIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-25 Jan. 1927; d-30 June 2005h-Cam H. Mellottp-William C. and Cholie O'Dessie DeShong Welsh 
RAKER, Opel W. b-9 Dec 1921; d-26 April 2018 p-William C. and Chloie O. DeShong Welsh 
MELLOTT, Ross C.CEDAR GROVEd-11 August 1982; Age 81yw-Florence Millerp-William C. & Tillie Hixon Mellott 
BEATTY, Harry ElwoodBUCK VALLEY CHRISTIANb-1905; d-1944w-Vina Viola Younkerp-William C. & Sarah Beatty 

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