Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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WINK, Jacob A.AKERSVILLE METHODISTb-7 July 1793; d-7 Nov. 1857w-Sarahp-Adam & Rebecca Akers Wink 
WINK, JacobSIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTd-6 Jan. 1885; Age 10d p-William H. & Mary Elizabeth Clevenger Wink 
WINK, Infant SonSIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTd-2 August 1915 p-Thomas Elmer & Eva Mary Wink 
WINK, Infant DaughterWINK  p-Caleb & Mary Ann Wink 
WINK, Infant DaughterSIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTd-1907 p-A. T. & Abbie Wink 
WINK, InfantSIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTd-12 June 1886 p-Hiram & Susan Wink 
WINK, IdaSIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-15 Sept. 1827; d-30 May 1889h-John A. Wink  
WINK, Hiram EdwardSIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-23 Oct. 1874; d-1 Feb. 1946   
WINK, HiramSIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-16 Nov. 1848; d-25 May 1909 p-Daniel & Mary Clevenger Wink 
WINK, Hester FohnerWINKb-1 July 1844; d-3 Jan. 1921h-Abner Wink  
WINK, Henry WishartDAMASCUSb-29 August 1867; d- 26 June 1924w-Bessie Gordonp-John A. & Effamy Mellott Wink 
WINK, Helen R.TONOLOWAY PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-9 June 1936; d-11 Oct 2003; Age 67h-Donald L. Winkp-Robert W. and Ruth A. Barthalow Everts 
WINK, HattieWINKb-12 August 1878; d-3 Oct. 1878 p-Elias & Martha Correll Wink 
WINK, Harriet M.HUSTONTOWNb-2 August 1860; d-21 Feb. 1925h-William Grant Winkp-Matthew Sharpe 
WINK, George Morton*SIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-18 October 1886; d-12 November 1957w-Eliza J. Mellott Winkp-William and Frances Giffin Wink 
WINK, GeorgeWINKb-19 July 1881; d-12 Mar. 1882 p-Elias & Martha Correll Wink 
WINK, Frances M. A.SIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-22 Nov. 1861; d-11 Feb. 1933h-William Wink  
WINK, Floyd M.TONOLOWAY BAPTISTd-23 Nov. 1989; Age 78yw-1)Margaret Stotler, 2) Martha Masonp-Thomas E. & Eva M. Barnhart WinkWW II
WINK, Ethel LorraineHUSTONTOWN METHODISTd-5 Mar. 1987 p-Grant & Harriet Sharp Wink 
WINK, Elizabeth LakeWINKb-26 April 1820; d-19 July 1879h-Jacob Kline Wink  
WINK, Elizabeth DeshongWINKb-9 Feb. 1780; d-16 Sept. 1856h-Uriah Wink  
WINK, Elizabeth (Eanthal)WINKb-1733; d-5 June 1810h-Jacob Wink,Esq  
WINK, ElizabethWINKb-13 July 1806; d-24 Dec. 1880 p-Elias & Mary Kline Wink 
WINK, Eliza KlineWINKb-1771; d-21 April 1836h-Jacob Wink II  
WINK, Elijah V.SIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-1886; d-10 Feb. 1918, age 31y9m20d p-William H. & Mary E. Clevenger Wink 
WINK, Elias W.WINKb-30 August 1842; d-6 Sept. 1878w-Florence Hockensmithp-Caleb & Mary Ann Kline Wink 
WINK, Elias L.WINKb-10 Feb. 1844; d-15 August 1917w-Martha Correllp-William & Christiana Lake Wink 
WINK, EliasWINKb-8 Feb. 1773; d-10 August 1853w-Mary Klinep-Jacob, Esq. & Elizabeth Wink 
WINK, EffamySIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-27 Dec. 1841; d-12 Dec. 1873h-John A. Wink  
WINK, EffaSIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-28 Mar. 1838; d-21 Nov. 1904h-Amos J. Wink  
WINK, EarlANTIOCHb-24 Sept. 1898; d-30 Nov. 1900 p-Conrad & Minnie Wink 
WINK, Donald L.TONOLOWAYb-11 Nov. 1930; d-22 Ocr. 2009w-Helen Everts Winkp-Werth Wink & Margaret Barnhart 
WINK, Dessie LynchANTIOCHb-1892; d-1951h-Albert Roy Wink  
WINK, Daniel, Jr.SIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-1 Dec. 1846; d-17 Jan. 1869   
WINK, DanielSIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-1 Dec. 1803; d-18 Nov. 1881w-Mary Clevengerp-Adam & Rebecca Akers Wink 
WINK, D. WallaceSIDELING HILL BAPTISTb-11 October 1909; d-3 May 1969w-Ruth Shide Winkp-Logue and Tempie Snyder Wink 
WINK, Conrad JacobANTIOCHb-1 Feb. 1861; d-1 Mar. 1939w-Minnie Bartonp-Jacob Kline & Elizabeth Lake Wink 
WINK, ChristiannaWINKb-12 July 1815; d-31 Oct. 1883; age: 68y3mh-William Wink  
WINK, CharityWINKb-26 June 1850; d-17 June 1929 p-William & Christiana Lake Wink 
WINK, Caleb V.WINKb-28 Jan. 1816; d-5 July 1879w-Mary Ann Kline  
WINK, Blanche BurtonDAMASCUSb-12 April 1904; d-20 May 1943h-Ira Winkp-Catherine Werton 
WINK, Bettie?d-23 December 1880, age 73y   
WINK, Bessie GordonDAMASCUSb-07 Nov. 1875; d-15 Sept. 1950h-Henry Wishart Winkp-Henry & Martha Snyder Gordon 
WINK, Barbara AnnTONOLOWAY BAPTISTd-9 April 1944 p-Werth & Mary Ellen Wink 
WINK, BarbaraWINKd-26 Mar. 1912; Age 64y5m4dh-Alva Wink  
WINK, AnnieANTIOCHb-26 Jan. 1868; d-10 Mar. 1913 p-Jacob Kline & Elizabeth Lake Wink 
WINK, AnnaWINKb-12 August 1805; d-25 Mar. 1881 p-Elias & Mary Kline Wink 
WINK, Amos JacobSIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-15 January 1833; d-4 July 1885; Age 52y5m20dw-1) Mary Martha Palmer Clevenger, 2) Effie Euphemia Laytonp-Daniel and Mary Clevenger WinkCo. I, 82nd Regiment PA V; Co H, 158th Regt PA Inf
WINK, AmosWHIPS COVEb-30 Dec. 1838; d-20 July 1903w-Oseep-Jacob A. & Sarah Wink 
WINK, AlvaWINKb-18 Sept. 1840; d-24 Mar. 1886w-Barbara Fohnerp-Anna WinkCo H, 158 Regt, PA Infantry

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