Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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WINTER, DavidCEDAR GROVEd-6 Sept. 1900; Age 63y7m12d   
WINTER, Daniel EmersonTONOLOWAYb-28 May 1920; d-29 September 2010w-Joan Mellott Winterp-Morgan and Orpha Snyder WinterArmy Air Corps, WWII
WINTER, CatherineDIEHLb-30 Dec. 1837; d-12 Oct. 1875;   
WINTER, CatharineWHIPS COVE CHRISTIANb-7 Sept. 1850; d-24 June 1905h-Levi Winter  
WINTER, BerthaCEDAR GROVEb-3 August 1889; d-10 Jan. 1970h-Maple Winter  
WINSLOW, William G.MT. TABORb-31 August 1934; d-14 February 2012w-Patricia J. Mellottp-George and Beulah Corbett WinslowUS Navy
WINSER, SarahSILOAMb-1888; d-1925   
WINKEL-PAWLAK, Florence F.UNIONb-10 Feb 1944; d-12 Feb 2005h-Thomas J. Pawlakp-George and Edna Howard Abell 
WINK, William HarrisonSIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-July 1843; d-22 May 1912w-Mary Elizabeth Clevengerp-Daniel & Mary Clevenger WinkCo. I, 82nd PA Volunteers; Co H 158th PA Infantry
WINK, William GrantHUSTONTOWNb-1864; d-1938w-Harriet Sharpe  
WINK, William A.WINKd-12 August 1874; Age 2y10m3d p-Elias & Martha Correll Wink 
WINK, WilliamWINKb-9 Nov. 1802; d-17 June 1869w-Christiana Lakep-Elias & Mary Kline Wink 
WINK, WilliamSIDELING HILL CHRISTIANb-24 June 1859; d-26 Oct. 1938w-Frances M. A. Giffinp-William & Christiana Lake Wink 
WINK, Werth W.TONOLOWAY BAPTISTb-10 Dec. 1912; d-26 August 1995w-Maryellen Chestnutp-Thomas E. & Mary Eva Barnhart Wink 
WINK, UriahWINKb-20 Feb. 1768; d-16 August 1841 p-Jacob Esq. & Elizabeth Wink 
WINK, Thomas E.SIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-1 Oct. 1876; d-31 Mar. 1929w-Eva Barnhartp-William & Mary Wink 
WINK, Tempie S.SIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-30 Apr. 1883; d-1 Oct. 1973h-S. Logue Winkp-Daniel B. & Jane Ann Peck Snyder 
WINK, SusanSIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-4 April 1860; d-6 April 1944h-Hiram Wink  
WINK, Sarah F.WINKb-8 May 1875; d-26 May 1876 p-Elias & Martha Correll Wink 
WINK, SarahAKERSVILLE METHODISTb-4 Feb. 1799; d-4 Jan. 1882h-Jacob A. Wink  
WINK, Roger?b-18 July 1939; d-18 July 2007 p-John & Elizabeth WinkU.S. Air Force
WINK, Rebecca LakeWINKb-2 May 1823; d-28 Nov. 1858h-Jacob Kline Wink  
WINK, RebeccaCEDAR GROVEd-8 August 1874; Age 69y2m13dh-Uriah Wink  
WINK, OseeAKERSVILLE METHODISTb-2 Feb. 1837; d-6 July 1895w-Anna  
WINK, Orville V.HUSTONTOWNb-3 August 1894; d-21 August 1949w-Arlene Hughesonp-William Grant & Harriet Sharp WinkWW I
WINK, Minnie A. BartonANTIOCHb-October 4, 1865 d-July 27, 1952Conrod Jacob WinkJabez P. and Ester A Barton 
WINK, Mary ThelmaWINKb-13 Jan. 1893; d-18 Jan. 1893 p-William & Frances M. A. Giffin Wink 
WINK, Mary M. PalmerSIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTd-14 Feb. 1872; Age 31y2m18dh-Amos J. Winkp-William & Fanny Palmer 
WINK, Mary KlineWINKd-9 August 1855; Age 77y6mh-Elias Wink  
WINK, Mary Eva BarnhardSIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-1873; d-1943h-Thomas Elmer Wink  
WINK, Mary EllenTONOLOWAY BAPTISTb-? ;d-06 June 1975h-Werth W. Winkp-David Blanche Shaw Chesnut 
WINK, Mary Elizabeth ClevengerSIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-7 Dec. 1851; d-9 August 1928h-William H. Wink  
WINK, Mary ClevengerSIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-3 August 1813; d-19 May 1898h-Daniel Wink  
WINK, Mary Ann KlineWINKb-13 Oct. 1816; d-29 Jan. 1897h-Caleb Wink  
WINK, MaryWINKd-1816; Age 40y5m14d   
WINK, Martha CorrellWINKb-24 Nov. 1845; d-22 April 1925h-Elias Wink  
WINK, MarthaEBENEZER METHODISTb-4 Jan. 1840; d-17 April 1891 p-J. A. Wink 
WINK, MargaretSIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTd-3 Nov. 1838; Age 53y2m10dh-Adam Wink  
WINK, Louisa F.WINKb-5 Jan. 1870; d-15 Mar. 1886 p-Alvah & Barbara Wink 
WINK, Judge Samuel LogueSIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-1 Jan. 1876; d-12 Dec. 1947w-Tempie Snyderp-Amos J. & Effy Layton Wink 
WINK, John IraDAMASCUSb-1887; d-1949   
WINK, John H.WINKb-10 Sept. 1841; d-12 Nov. 1863 p-William & Christiana Wink 
WINK, John C.WINKb-24 Oct. 1868; d-25 Jan. 1890 p-Elias & Martha Wink 
WINK, John A.SIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-1816; d-1893  Co.F, 84th Regt.Ind.Vol.
WINK, John A.SIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTISTb-15 July 1836; d-14 April 1911w-Effamy Mellottp-Daniel & Mary Clevenger WinkCo. H, 158th Regt. PA Inf.
WINK, Jacob KlineWINKb-10 Sept. 1810; d-8 April 1886w-1) Rebecca Lake, 2) Elizabeth Lakep-Elias & Mary Kline Wink 
WINK, Jacob IIWINKb-1759; d-20 Feb. 1820   
WINK, Jacob Esq. IWINKb-1723; d-12 Jan. 1806 p-Elizabeth (Eanthal) Wink 

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