Names of Deceased in Fulton County Cemeteries

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MOLINARI, Charles L. b-27 December 1932;d-28 March 2005w-Florence Manno Molinarip-Esterino and Theresa Lionetti MolinariKorea-Army
EPPERSON, Hunter J. b-7 May 1931;d-29 March 2019w-p-Bert and Mattie Pearl Frazier Epperson 
WANDLESS, Arnold R. b-12 June 1965;d-17 March 2019w-Vivian Bishop Wandlessp-Anna Wandless and Sam Wandless 
SIMPSON, Katherine E. b-21 July 1931;d-19 March 2019h-William Wallace Simpsonp-Lewis Walker and Morea Belle Mellott 
BOOKS, Jerry L. b-12 March 1938;d-7 April 2019w-Mary Ann Bushorep-Leon and Viola Bullington BooksU.S. Army
FORTNEY, Michael R. b-4 July 1981;d-14 April 2019 p-Dorothy Strait Berry and James Fortney 
MELLOTT, Denver S. b-21 April 1922;d-9 March 1998w- Lena L. Black Mellottp-Joseph M. and Elizabeth Eader Mellott 
SHEPPARD, William E. b-31 July 1952;d-19 April 2019w-Joan Long Snyderp-Edward N. and Irene Belle Sheppard 
MCFADDEN, James P. Jr. b-12 October 1981;d-5 May 2019 p- James P. and Connie Jean Iker McFadden 
OAKMAN, John D. b-24 February 1944;d-17 April 2019w-Sandra Brookshirep-Guy F. and Doris E. Witter OakmanU.S. Airforce
REED, Thelma B. b-19 February 1945;d-4 May 2019h-Lyle Reedp-Fred O. and Verda Penrod Brown 
FIELDS, Ruby I. b-14 August 1934; d-1 July 2019h- Jack D. Fieldsp- Clarence and Anetta Michaels Hewett 
MELLOTT, Sandra D. b- 23 Feb. 1962; d- 24 June 2019 p- Thelma L. Ramsey and Cecil B. Mellott 
SINGER, Jeffrey A. b- 5 Dec. 1958; d- 24 June 2019 p- Mary G. Smith Singer and Ralph L. Singer Sr. 
POWELL, Marvin Leroy b- 26 September 1944; d- 20 June 2019w- Nancy Powellp- Marvin and Mary Plessinger PowellUS Navy
HESS, Brint L. b- 1 March 1945; d- 14 September 2004w- June R. Kellyp- John and Nancy Reihart Hess 
SCHOOLEY, Eugene L. b- 2 June 1954; d- 25 May 2019 p- Kenneth and Ellen Bergsted Schooley 
MELLOTT, Sandra K. b- 4 May 1950; d- 1 June 2019h- G. Alvey Mellottp- Hilda M. Sipes and Robert M. Hill 
BAKER, George B. Jr. b- 10 September 1947; d- 14 July 2019w-Joann Shonk Bakerp-George B. Sr. and Irene Jacobs Baker 
CHAMBERLAIN, Henrietta N. b- 27 March 1929; d- 6 July 2019h- Charles H. Chamberlainp- James and Catherine Divens Reeder 
BARNHART, Roy G. b- 10 February 1942; d- 11 July 2019w- Helen Barthalow Barnhartp- Clarence I. and Violet C. Deshong Barnhart 
DOYLE, Malcolm M. b- 17 September 1905; d- 29 August 1986w- Helen Doylep- D. Warren and Minerva Lane Doyle 
SNYDER, Shirley D. b- 18 July 1948; d- 16 June 2019h- Walter L. Snyderp- Marcella Frehn Trego 
BARTON, Timothy R. b- 9 Oct 1958; d- 1 Aug 2019w- Karen "Red" Bartonp- Calvin Barton Sr. and Esta Marie Everts Barton 
DAVIS, Andrew Keepers Dr. d- 16 July 1919; age- 66y 4m 4dw- Miss Mary Chestnutp- Andrew C. Davis 
GARAY, Esperanza C. b- 11 March 1923; d- 17 Aug 2019h- Guido Quesadap- Maria (Carrio) and Francisco Garay 
HIMES, John E. b- 20 september 1949 d- 19 september 2019 f- John m-Elizabeth Shirley Van OrderU.s Navy
GRESS, Darlene K.  b- 12 September 1951 d- 9 September 2019Dennis Gressf- Wilbert Keefer m- Elva Peck  
WEBER, Henry B. b-18 Sept. 1929; d-12 Oct. 2019w- Mary Jane Manning Weberp- Frank L. and Jessie B. Lineweaver WeberU.S. Army
VANCE, Vickie L. b-5 July 1952; d-11 Oct 2019h- David W. Vancep- Eugene and Jean L. Kendall Earley 
MCCRAY, Margaret B. b-18 March 1923; d-11 Oct. 2019h- Cam Alden McCrayp- Morgan and Carrie Gordon 
MYERS, Ingibjorg J. b- 3 July. 1943; d- 20 Oct. 2019h- Sheldon Myers Sr. p- Kjartan Bjorgvin Jonson and Sigrudur Svava Ingimundardottir 
LANDERS, Joy L. b- 19 Sept. 1963; d- 15 Oct. 2019 p- Harry and Sara Jean Landers 
BARNETT, Judith A. b-3 March 1950; d- 21 November 2019h- Richard G. Barnettp- Blanche Gress McElhaney and Norman Hess 
HANKS, Saundra G. b- 23 February 1951; d- 2 Novemer 2019 p- Galen N. and Mary E. Bernhard Hanks 
POLLACK, Michael J. b- 11 April 1954; d- 25 October 2019w- Suzanne Wesingerp- Donald Ohl and Imogene Ohl 
YOUSE, Helen P. b- 13 October 1941; d- 10 November 2019h- Charles B. Yousep- Daniel and Treva FinFrock Hummer 
HOCK, Paul I. JR. b- 12 November 1944; d- 27 October 2019w- Ruth Mildred Morrison HockPaul I. Hock and Janet L. Carbaugh Hock 
FOX, Sue Ellen b- 30 January 1953; d- 24 Nov. 2019; 66yh- Howard E. Fox Sr.p- Fred David and Edith N. Funk Ferry 
NICHOLS, Jesse R. b- 17 Nov. 1949; d- 29 Nov. 2019w- Karen Taylor Nicholsp- Jesse and Armista Rook Nichols 
RITZ, Dale W. b- 3 July 1927; d- 7 Dec. 2019w- Mary L. Smith Ritzp- William and Mina Hull RitzARMY
HESS, Albert L. b- 24 Dec. 1946; d- 3 Dec. 2019w- Gayle Beaver Hess p- John Wilson and Nancy May Reihart Hess 
WALKER, Barbara W. b- 24 Sept 1925; d- 13 Oct. 2019h- George Walkerp- Elbridge B. Wallis and Marion Shaw 
SHEARER, George M.     
SWISHER, Haidiee V.L. b-2 Apr 1933; d-12 Dec 2019Daniel "Leon" Swisherp-Jerry and Josephine (Pyle) Rowe 
HENRY, Erma M. b-9 Feb, 1946;d-24 Dec,2019Gregory M. Henryp-Sammie and Gladys (Shoemaker) Peck 
SMITH, Linda L. b-17 Oct, 1952;d-29 Dec, 2019Valentine V. "Val" Smithp-Leon Ford and Janet (Bentz) Snowberger 
PITTMAN, Doris M. b-29 Oct, 1927; d-4 Jan, 2020s-Kenneth Pittmanp-Levi and Mamie (Feagley) Seville 

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